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Custom Sawying

Do you want to save your trees and turn them into valuable lumber? We can help! A single tree can provide hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of lumber that can be used to build all sorts of amazing pieces. 

Why have M² Lumber mill it for you? We are not just sawyers, but also woodworkers. We know whats best practice for milling wood and more importantly what methods and strategies will yield the best quality lumber for your projects.


If you're ready to have your logs turned into lumber, book an apointment now for drop off:



Need it dried? For most interior grade furniture projects you're going to want to have your wood kiln dried, and we can do that for you as well. 

We can mill logs up to 36" Diameter and 18' Long. We charge $129.95/hr for milling and this includes stickers (if you need them, and end sealing). For most good size logs this usually equates to less than $0.50/bdft!!

Is your tree still standing or do you need help hauling your massive logs to us? Let us know and we can recommend a local Tree Service company to assist.

Yes, We Buy Logs!
Contact us today to see what your log might be worth!

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