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The Backstory...
Life as a Sawyer

Hi! My name is Matt Morgan. I like to consider myself a wood aficionado. I love building things and working with all materials, but primarily wood is my passion. I have come a long way in 20 years since I started woodworking, it really started since I was a child watching my father; he is an amazing craftsman and can build anything he desires with the highest level of complexity and quality!

My Venture in the Lumber Business...

Being an experienced woodworker and having to spend countless hours finding a good source of high quality and reasonably priced hardwoods, I am familiar with the struggle faced by most woodworkers nowadays.


How do you make a high quality product from solid hardwood that people can still afford?

Our goal is to be the solution to this problem! We are able to provide beautiful High-Quality hardwood lumber for local woodworkers at a reasonable prices so that more people can enjoy the beauty and art of real wood furniture.

We are able to achieve this by milling locally salvaged hardwood logs on our band-saw mill and using practical and economical drying methods that still produce high quality, while not breaking the bank.

This takes a lot of hard work and patience, but in the end, it allows us to offer a product that is beautiful and affordable for you.

M2 Lumber Owner: Matt Morgan

Meet the rest of the team...

Team Member: Larry Tibbs

In case you were thinking that all sounds like a lot of hard work...well you're right, it is! And it is definitely something that I cannot do on my own...

Larry has been with us 2021 and has tried his hand at almost everything. He has since then learned to fully operate and run a manual and hydraulic sawmill, a vacuum kiln, a CNC machine, as well as many other tools in the shop.

Larry is our star wood-connoisseur and salesman and loves helping our customers find the perfect piece of wood for their project! His personality and demeanor are all the rave from our customers, he has more positive reviews on google mentioning him specifically than Matt these days!

Larry Tibbs

Nolan has been with us since 2018 back when M² Lumber was still just a little fun weekend hobby. Nowadays Nolan has a regular schedule and works well over 20 hrs per week while he attends school.

Our "shorter Ashton-Kutcher" (as the ladies say) is now our regular extra set of hands in the shop helping to build table-tops, run the cnc machine, finishing of custom furniture pieces and regularly runs the sawmill and loader if needed. He is a well-rounded member of the team indeed!

Even though he is the youngest in a group of retirees, I am impressed with his excellent choice of broad musical interests from Pink Floyd to Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Team Member: Nolan Marion

Nolan Marion

Team Member: Marc Morgan

Marc Morgan

No this is not an "Age filter" on Matt, this is Marc Morgan (yup, my father). Recently retired, he has decided to spend some of his spare time helping me out in the shop.

He's been a woodworker/maker his whole life practically. He was a "maker" before that was even really a thing or a hashtag...matter of fact before hashtags....before computers! lol

From hand carved violins, to Cedar strip Alaskan Kayaks, to Custom-built Casework style furniture and RC Planes, cars, helicopters and more...he has built about anything and everything. Its a huge asset having his help in the shop. Look for him to be teaching some of our classes!

Jon is the newest member of the Team starting in 2023. Not know for being the loudest person in our group (that would be Matt or Larry) but Jon is an excellent hard worker and has a keen eye for detail. This probably comes from the 30+ years experience working as an engineer. 

Nowadays, he gets to enjoy his retirement helping to run our sawmill and kiln operation as well as regular heavy lifting.

Team Member: Jon Henderson

Jon Henderson

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