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The Backstory...

Hi! My name is Matt Morgan. I like to consider myself a wood aficionado. I love building things and working with all materials, but primarily wood is my passion. I have come a long way in 20 years since I started woodworking, it really started since I was a child watching my father; he is an amazing craftsman and can build anything he desires with the highest level of complexity and quality!

My Venture in the Lumber Business...

Being an experienced woodworker and having to spend countless hours finding a good source of high quality and reasonably priced hardwoods, I am familiar with the struggle faced by most woodworkers nowadays.


How do you make a high quality product from solid hardwood that people can still afford?

Our goal is to be the solution to this problem! We are able to provide beautiful High-Quality hardwood lumber for local woodworkers at a reasonable prices so that more people can enjoy the beauty and art of real wood furniture.

We are able to achieve this by milling locally salvaged hardwood logs on our band-saw mill and using practical and economical drying methods that still produce high quality, while not breaking the bank.

This takes a lot of hard work and patience, but in the end, it allows us to offer a product that is beautiful and affordable for you.

In 2019 we completed the construction of our solar kiln which allows us to achieve lower moisture content levels than before (as low as 6%), which means our customers have more assurance of quality and stability and can start on their projects right away!

Custom CNC Machining

In 2020, we built a brand new 3,200 sqft Shop and Indoor Lumber Yard to increase our storage space as well as make room for our new AVID 6x12 CNC Machine available for custom milling and Slab/Tabletop Flattening. 


Vacuum Kiln Drying

To accompany our new Shop, we have added an iDry Vacuum Kiln to our operation. This new kiln will allow us to offer the highest quality controlled drying processes in record time (weeks vs years).

Just sold 3! #locallumber #walnut #yardt

If you are a local builder, contractor, or woodworker and you have not been to M2 Lumber, please stop by and say Hi and see what we have in stock and what we can do for you!

Thank You,


Matt Morgan


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