Lumber Sales

We stock a large variety of local hardwoods in various sizes. From live edge slabs to squared stock and beams. All our lumber is rough sawn on a bandsaw-mill so there is little waste and very good surface finish (means less work for you!). All of our lumber is processed through a combination of air drying and Kiln drying in one of our two kilns (Home-built Solar and iDry Vacuum Kiln). Kiln drying is an important process that helps get wood dryer, faster and kills bugs and critters!

Book your appointment below to view or purchase lumber and please call or message me with any questions! Thank You.


Lumber is typically priced per "Board-foot" (See image left). Some slabs that are irregular shaped, highly figured, or over 18" wide will vary from std price list which is shown below.

Wood Species 

Cost Per bdft

4/4            5/4           6/4           8/4
*Slabs over 16" wide subject to premium pricing

Yellow Pine

(custom orders 500+ bdft only) 

Call for pricing and custom order

Red Cedar

$3.50      $4.00      $4.25       $5.00


$2.50      $3.00       $3.50        $4.00

White Oak

$5.00       $6.00       $6.75        $8.00


$4.75        $5.00       $5.25        $6.00


$4.75        $5.00       $5.25        $6.00


$4.50        $6.00       $6.50        $7.50

Red Oak

$3        $3.5       $3.75        $4.50


$5.00        $6.00       $6.50        $7.00

Black Walnut

$9.00        $9.25       $9.75        $11.00

"We specialize in salvaging local trees and turning them into lumber for woodworkers and beautiful pieces of furniture for our community"