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Specialty Hardware

When building a high quality piece of furniture that will last for generations you cant skimp on small things like hardware. These threaded inserts will ensure that your table bases or other attachment points dont strip out over time and can be assembled and disassembled over and over again. We sell these in store as well as on our amazon store.

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Shelf and Mantle Brackets

We Stock high quality and heavy duty steel brackets commonly used for installing solid wood mantles as well as shelving. These can also be found on our amazon store.

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Custom Metal Bases

After struggling to find high quality and affordable metal bases online, we started designing our own metal bases for tables and benches to ensure our quality standards were met. Our Bases are locally made with high quality heavy gage steel so you dont need to worry about any wobble! We have many different designs to choose from, we do not ship these due to weight and size.


Specialty Hardware

The perfect pair with your threaded inserts, these black oxide furniture bolts not only look great but have a extra wide head that pairs perfect with the needed oversized through hole commonly needed to allow for wood movement,

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