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Kiln Drying Services

Kiln Dried lumber is a must if you are building high quality furniture or items where wood stabilitiy and sterilization (no bugs) is important. We have two different types of kilns here at M2 Lumber; both a Solar Kiln and an Electric Vacuum Kiln. They can both dry wood according to the NHLA Standards, but our Electric Vacuum kiln is the fastest and most efficient. 

Have some wood that needs drying?

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(min fee is $150 and 1 week)


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Full Load of Wood Ready for Kiln Drying

*Total Kiln Drying cost will vary based on how much Kiln Volume your lumber requires (Kiln Bdft) and the length of time it needs to be in the kiln (weekly increments). There is a minimum 1 week and $150 Fee. Typical cost ranges from $1 to $2 per bdft.

*Max lumber dimensions we can kiln dry: 12' Long x 52" wide x 54" High (No exceptions to these dimensions)

*Preferred Board lengths are: 8', 10' and 12' Lengths

*If lumber needs to be MANUALLY unloaded, loaded, stacked and stickered etc, there will be a labor charge for this work as well.

*Kiln drying is a process which removes moisture from wood, when moisture is removed wood will naturally shrink. Depending on the grain direction of the wood, this shrinkage can result in bow, warp, cupping, and cracking and is not the fault of the Kiln or Kiln operator and M² Lumber  will not be responsible for any presumed loss or degrade in lumber value declared by the customer.


*Our Vacuum Kiln can hold up to 2,000 bdft and can dry most lumber within 1-2 weeks. Wood can be loaded and dried right away, however it is strongly recommended to let wood air dry until it reaches it's Fiber Saturation Point (typically this is around 20% MC). Drying lumber before this is achieved will be more expensive as it will take longer to dry and there is an increased chance for quality degradation due to drying defects.

Thanks! We will be in touch!

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