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M2 Lumber Retro Colors
M2 Lumber Retro Colors
M2 Lumber Retro Colors

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Save the Trees Slogan

Buy with Confidence... Shop Local

 When you Shop Local with us, you can Save a Tree from the Landfill and turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture preserving its value for years to come! We mill and professionally dry all our lumber on site to provide you with the best quality wood for your projects.

New to Woodworking?

Woodworking Classes at M2 Lumber

We are very excited to finally be able to offer woodshop classes! These classes range from very beginner to intermediate and are hands on, educational, practical and have a strong focus on safety!

First Time buying from a Sawmill?

We teamed up with our friend and local YouTube star Jon from Lincoln Street Woodworks to create an educational video on what to expect (and better yet, what to look out for) when shopping for lumber from your local sawmill! Check it out!

Checkout our YouTube Channel...

20’ Long Epoxy River Table

20’ Long Epoxy River Table

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Custom Built Furniture?

If you're looking for custom built furniture, we do still offer this as an option, we have new home dedicated for this side of our business. Please follow the link below...

"We specialize in salvaging local trees and turning them into lumber for woodworkers and beautiful pieces of furniture for our community" 

Trees Upstate

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