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Serving our Woodworking Community...

Here at M2 Lumber, we have a wide variety of customers that we serve and all the equipment and tools necessary to help you with your project regardless of where you are starting!

From Lumber sales, to CNC work, Slab Flattening, Custom Milling, Kiln Drying and Woodworking Classes....we are here to help you make something great!


We stock a large variety of locally milled species and sizes. Feel free to call or message to verify inventory


So you have a beautiful slab and its not Flat!? Or you have a custom design you want to make on a board? We can help with our CNC services, contact us for your quote.


Have a log? Need some lumber? No problem, we offer custom milling for the public. Contact us today to see how we can help.


We offer a variety of woodworking classes covering many different topics for all skill levels


Have wet wood? It is important that wood is properly dried to ensure stable products and no bugs! Call us today for a quote!

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We stock a wide vairety of woodworking tools and supplies from hardware to glues, finishes, and specialty tools.

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