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Got a small hole or crack to fill quickly!? Starbond CA glue is the perfect solution! Pick yours up today!


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What is Cyanoacrylate (CA)?


CA glue, also known as super glue, is a fast-acting adhesive that is used for a variety of applications. An adhesive possessing an extremely high push-pull strength, but a low shear strength, CA glues are often used to bond wood, rubber, metal, fiberglass, leathers, and most plastics. During polymerization, the adhesive reacts to the moisture present on the surface.


What is special about your superglue and brand?

Our customers get their hands on one of the freshest CA glues the market has to offer. We produce fresh CA glues on a monthly basis, which means our glues are never sitting in a warehouse or store shelf for extended periods of time. Therefore, you may use our superglues with the utmost confidence in performance, quality, and reliability. Plus, in any case that you have issues with our glues, give us a quick message or call, and we'll either help you troubleshoot issues or simply replace your entire order.

Starbond CA Glue

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